Since February 2011, RSM has been Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory’s (MESA) first and longest-running sponsor. Central to RSM’s values is its powerful commitment to understanding its clients and serving the communities in which it operates.

RSM US LLP is dedicated to serving the middle market, the engine of global commerce and economic growth. RSM’s commitment to understanding its clients means a focus on being a first-choice advisor, delivering world-class assurance, tax, and consulting services, and developing the leading professionals and services to meet their clients’ evolving needs.

In January, we spoke with RSM’s MESA contact, Joe Wessbecker, State and Local Tax Partner in the Minneapolis office, and Julie Doden-Prichard, Market Development Lead for the Technology Industry, about the firm and their relationship with MESA. Both Joe and Julie are focused on the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sectors.

“RSM is the leading provider of assurance, tax and consulting services for the middle market. And to us, the middle market encompasses a wide range of company revenue size,” explained Joe.

“While other companies focus on the very largest corporations or very early-stage startups, RSM’s sweet spot and where we can deliver the greatest value is once a company is up and running, has revenue and additional capital from investors. At that point, they may not have the resources or expertise to do everything they need to and that’s where we can help.”

Julie added, “The middle market is huge and it’s critical to the health of our communities. It’s the economic engine for many major cities, and we’re committed to helping these companies and adding value to our communities.”

Because RSM focuses on the middle market, they cater their services to fit the client’s stage of growth. As an example, once a startup hits that inflection point, RSM can tailor its services to fit their specific needs today and adjust to address future needs.

Central to RSM’s purpose to deliver the power of being understood to its clients, colleagues and communities, the firm goes to market by industry to deliver an informed perspective and experience. That means RSM professionals get industry-specific training and grow their knowledge in their area of focus – whether it’s software companies or professional services in the technology space.

RSM’s values and commitment run deep.

RSM puts their value into action. Getting involved in community and industry organizations, creating connections with other trusted advisors, and playing a role in building the tech ecosystem in Minnesota factor into their approach.

MESA has seen this firsthand, with RSM graciously hosting MESA receptions and providing knowledge and expertise to our emerging software companies.

“Our primary objective is to be a first-choice advisor – not only to our clients but to the communities in which we live and work,” Julie explained. “That’s why we get involved and why we have such a close relationship with MESA and the startup community in Minnesota. We want to deliver value and be a partner and a resource to entrepreneurs as they scale and grow.”

Joe added, “One of RSM’s core values is stewardship. In our relationship with MESA, that means growing a vibrant and thriving Minnesota technology community, because as these companies become successful, it spurs more growth – encouraging more people to come here, contributing to job and overall economic growth. There’s a long history of great technology companies that began as startups in Minnesota, and we want to continue to be a part of building the tech ecosystem here.”

RSM’s commitment to the industries they serve includes sharing their expertise and knowledge widely. This includes insights and guides specifically tailored to emerging software and technology businesses. Because there is no straight route to scaling up, RSM developed a roadmap for entrepreneurs and startups on the top considerations for scaling up technology companies at each stage of growth. This is an excellent overview for any startup or emerging-growth software company as they chart a path toward business success.

A global firm with strong local ties.

RSM US LLP is the U.S. member of RSM International, a global network of independent assurance, tax and consulting firms with 64,000 people in 120 countries. But their approach is personal.

“Whether we’re serving our clients with our professional services or being a connector for emerging technology companies with investor groups, other businesses, or attorneys that focus on that space – we want to help build the tech ecosystem in Minnesota,” Joe said.

It’s clear that RSM enjoys engaging with the local tech community and the early-stage entrepreneurs that are powering its growth, and MESA is proud to have RSM as one of its core foundation sponsors now for 13 years.