About MESA

The MESA Mission

Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory (MESA) is a non-profit mentoring organization inspired to make Minnesota’s software economy rank among the largest and most vibrant in the nation. Pro bono mentoring by C-level software executives, for the founders/CEOs of start-up and emerging growth software companies, is what we do.

The exceptional quality of our mentors is validated by 100% of our “mentees” testifying to the substantial impact MESA mentors have made in the growth and success of their company.

Pro bono mentoring leads to mentee comments such as “independent input,” “invaluable advice at each and every meeting,” and “a great job of challenging your thinking through questioning not telling.” 

With over 75 emerging growth software companies to date—who have been mentored on average between two and three years—MESA is creating significant growth (and jobs) in the Minnesota software economy. That is our sole goal.

MESA is recognized as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit private operating foundation.