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Companies that are actively under MESA mentorship are referred to as “portfolio companies” or “mentees.” Our primary focus is on MN-based emerging growth software companies who have a commercially available product, even if current revenue is low. Each mentee candidate is screened and evaluated by the mentor team. If approved to join the portfolio, 1-2 mentors volunteer to work closely with the company, meeting monthly, and typically for a 2–3-year period.

Binary Bridge

Hi-tech solutions for humanitarian medical teams and rural clinics in low-resource countries, allowing them to serve more people and provide better care


We empower sales leaders to boost revenue with our AI-driven sales role-playing software, accelerating onboarding and consistently surpassing quotas

Bus Stop Mamas

Digital workforce/job platform introducing businesses to off-the-market talent—stay-at-home parents—mostly moms, but dads too


Cludo provides marketers and web leaders insights and powerful ML/AI tools to make visitor experiences amazing through on-site search and discovery.


Providing access to a simple, all-in-one cybersecurity solution to protect your business against cyber crimes and regulatory fines that was previously unavailable and unaffordable.


Putting preference card insights at the fingertips of surgeons engaging them and facilitating continuous, self-managed cost reduction


Software management solutions specifically built for last-mile delivery organizations to provide visibility and reporting on business efficiency


Revolutionizing corporate travel program management through innovative technology to be more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable


Solving the complex problems of quoting, scheduling, job tracking, inventory management, and fulfillment for small and mid-sized manufacturers

Hinkley Medical

A pioneering medical Software as a Service (SaaS) company, combining innovative hardware and software solutions to resolve the pressing issue of prehospital dosing errors.


HLRBO revolutionizes the connection between landowners and hunters by leveraging cutting-edge technology. We aim to be the premier destination where hunters seeking their ideal hunting grounds and landowners can seamlessly connect. With our platform, we empower both landowners and hunters, fostering a community built on trust, convenience, and sustainability.

Learn Your Benefits

Employee benefits communications solution that delivers an on-demand, video-focused experience helping employees understand benefit offerings

Lumberjack Technologies

Providing managed outdoor property care services to homeowners, property managers, and institutional customers via our proprietary software platform, and credentialed network of independent service provider

Migraine Insight

Migraine Insight’s mobile app helps people with a devastating illness use evidence-based science to get better. We provide patients an advanced toolkit with features based on techniques from headache clinics. People make real progress and work better with their care team. Our concept is unique, our utility patent has been filed, and we are growing quickly in an enormous market

Nested Knowledge

Enabling medical device and pharma companies and their vendors to manage clinical evidence in an interactive, visual, web-based platform

Offering Tree

Providing a suite of business tools for wellness professionals that puts your website, scheduling, payment, and email tools in one place 


Opsi offers a centralized system for recipe management, food prep lists, food costing, inventory management, nutrition labeling, and team coordination. Accessible from mobile and web devices, it aims to help restaurants streamline their operations by consolidating workflows into one platform.


Ottomation revolutionizes automotive dealership customer service with Otto, an AI-powered virtual assistant that ensures no call goes unanswered, enhancing service retention and upselling opportunities. Operating 24/7, Otto boosts revenue by providing proactive, personalized reminders and leveraging data integration to maximize profitability and customer loyalty.


Take control of your job search with the only platform that removes the hassle of staffing agencies and directly connects companies and candidates


A dynamic professional learning platform that supports teachers at every stage of their growth and development from initial preparation to licensure


The drop-in cancellation flow that prevents churn, automatically using targeted offers to save customers and capture feedback


Pyrls is a subscription-based website and mobile app that provides healthcare professionals with actionable clinical information to more effectively prescribe, dispense, and educate patients on their medications.


Q-rounds is a digital health solution that sends real-time updates to patients, their families, and the care team on when to expect the doctor to arrive for daily rounds in the hospital and gives families the opportunity to join rounds virtually if unable to be in the hospital. Q-rounds makes making multi-disciplinary, family-centered rounds an achievable standard of care


RaH brings the $150B automotive service sector into the modern era, reducing consumer prices by creating disintermediation in current business models and delivering on the benefits of community networks and the gig economy. RaH is the inflection point as it delivers value through a combination of patent-pending AI for diagnostics and repair, layman-level repair procedures, and live seasoned telemechanics who act as independent advisors.


Connecting travel destinations with content creators throughout the US to promote more diverse and authentic user-generated content


A mobile app connecting drivers with attorneys over live video chat during traffic stops and after car accidents to ensure everyone returns home safely

Visana Health

Virtual-first gynecology provider targeting underserved women’s health conditions via personalized digital programs, health coaching, and navigation services 

Voyager Dental

Voyager is applying next-gen Smart Algorithms and 3D AI to address systemic needs in dentistry, building all things 3D to be best informed by clinical outcomes with novel clinical business intelligence.

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