The MESA Growth Story

What does it take to startup and build a company designed to help startups?

In this edition of the Exponential Podcast, we’ll hear that story, the growth story of the MESA Group, a firm founded in the middle of the great recession to help nurture and grow software startups in Minnesota and do so at a time when the Minnesota software industry was losing its vibrancy as well as its impact on the national stage.

Joining us to tell that story are two talented business pros and long-time startup mentors, Jim Moar and Kevin Spanbauer two of the founding members of the Minnesota emerging software advisory group, or Mesa for short. MESA is a non-profit startup accelerator and mentoring organization PROVIDING PRO-BONO MENTORING SERVICES TO THE MINNESOTA SOFTWARE COMMUNITY and has mentored and helped accelerate the growth of 60 companies in the last 10 years.