The Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory (MESA) honored Matt Quinn recently at a reception as the first graduate from our program.

From Matt Quinn, EmergingSoft CEO:

EmergingSoft has benefited greatly from the mentorship, practical business guidance and accountability provided to our organization over the past two years with MESA. We are very pleased with our partnership with MESA and are honored to be the first graduate of the program. We offer a special thanks to Jerry Grabowski and Todd Krautkremer, our assigned mentors, and the entire MESA team for their support.

From Todd Krautkremer, primary MESA Mentor:

Mentoring companies like EmergingSoft is the reason we founded the Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory (MESA). When MESA first engaged with Matt Quinn, EmergingSoft CEO, several years ago, he had weathered the Great Recession and his business was cash-flowing. However, Matt was consumed with day-to-day operations so it was difficult to find the time to strategize and plan much beyond the next quarter. He came to MESA looking for a trusted advisor relationship to help gain perspective and find a growth strategy. MESA Mentor Jerry Grabowski and myself worked closely with Matt coaching him on the following:

  • Finding a business partner to split duties with so there is more time for forward-looking activities
  • Collaborate on strategic partnering strategy
  • Goal and strategy planning
  • Advise on product diversification strategy

Matt has done an outstanding job of applying the perspectives gained during mentoring sessions and producing strong growth for EmergingSoft. As a result, he is the first CEO to graduate from the MESA mentoring program.