Billiyo Health empowers today’s post-acute care providers with the management and operational support they need to help people thrive. As an all-in-one home health software solution, Billiyo ties together medical billing, business operations, clinical documentation, real-time communication, and automation in a secure, compliant, and affordable cloud-based system.

Feeding an entrepreneurial spirit

Hassan Abdullahi, CEO and founder of Billiyo Health, is an entrepreneur at heart. With a degree in electrical engineering, he worked for both 3M and General Motors in that capacity. In 2012 he moved to the Twin Cities to work for a smaller company and gain more direct customer and business experience.

While in the Twin Cities, Hassan had the opportunity to flex his entrepreneurial side in earnest. In 2014, he created a software startup, GADiiD, focused on record and business management for the transportation industry. When electronic logging hardware became the mandate in the trucking industry, he realized it meant limited growth for the company. Hassan began looking for another market and began his pivot to home health and post-acute care.

To truly understand the needs and pain points in post-acute care, he volunteered his time at a home health company. Thus began his journey to develop a modern software solution to unify and simplify the administrative, financial, and overall operations of home health care companies – what today is Billiyo.

Seeking support to build business acumen.

Early on, Hassan received encouragement to investigate mentoring and found MESA. Looking to deepen his business and leadership skills, he was eager to learn how to build, grow, and scale his burgeoning business. His mentoring relationship touched on essential decisions and disciplines around hiring and managing employees, customer-list building, marketing, and sales.

“Ken Schempp, one of my MESA mentors, literally transformed my entire knowledge of how to run a business – especially sales,” explained Hassan. “MESA mentors continue to open my eyes and give me actionable insights and feedback that I can use to help Billiyo grow and reach its goals.”

Today, the team of Ken Schempp, retired CEO of eDocument Resources, and Aaron Kardell, VP of Product at Lone Wolf Technologies, continue meeting with Hassan monthly – providing unbiased and unfiltered advice solely focused on helping Billiyo grow and reach its goals.

“A MESA mentorship is no strings attached and deeply rooted in your success – and nothing else,” Hassan continued. “They have a broad slate of experienced mentors which allows a software CEO or founder to get expertise on exactly what you need at a specific point in your business life cycle.”

Success and new horizons.

Today, Billiyo is a cloud-based electronic health record system for businesses that include non-skilled home care, skilled home health care (nursing), home medical equipment, and adult programs.

The Billiyo solution ties together medical billing, charting, scheduling, timecards, ordering, and real-time communication – all in one simple, compliant, and fully mobile-compatible application. While other offerings in the market focus on a specific task or niche, Billiyo helps home health care companies address the full spectrum of their business and operational needs in a single subscription.

In 16 states today, Billiyo is growing quickly and is setting its sights on being an industry leader with nationwide penetration in this $93 billion market.

“Hassan is not only technically astute, but open to all ideas to grow his business and leadership skills,” Ken, Hassan’s MESA mentor said. “He is constantly learning, and I’m impressed with his fortitude and focus to succeed. We’re excited to see Billiyo take these next steps and continue to grow and expand.”